Super (scrubbing) Saturday


Proverbs 31:17  (NIV)

17 She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.

It’s the weekend, I made it!! Time to kick up my feet, relax and stalk facebook all day, oh yes…..ummm NO!!! That is not what a Saturday in our home looks like. Saturdays are cleaning days in my house, after 11am dance practice, in between nursing the baby, diaper changes and stopping to hear the my 5 year tell me what her pretend friend said. But you know what I love it, my home is not super clean or organized (Pintrest if an overachiever) but it is lived in, it tells a story. Like right now under the bar stools is crushed crackers from my daughter and her friend who stayed the night but oh the laughter we heard, the toys I keep finding everywhere from the kids I keep during the week but oh how I love staying home with my youngest.Being a new stay at home mom has made me look at my home and chores in a whole new light. It was overwhelming I mean I thought I would stay home and my house would just stay clean, I am here all day why would it get messy. Well FYI it does not work that way, it stays nice for a couple days…kinda..but then its pta night, or grocery shopping, or just a rough day for the baby then you are looking around going when did a bomb go off, And that brings us to my home today and you know what, I am going to clean but not worry over it, when my youngest takes her naps I will clean but right now I am enjoying watching her play!! Right now my girls are laughing and bonding, the dishes aren’t going anywhere.

And when I do get to it all I will not let it overwhelm me, I will not feel punsihed for being the main home carer (when I was away from the home we cleaned 50/50) but I will do it will joy and thanks in my heart. Yes you read right, I am happy to be able to take care of my home and thankful to be able to do it. Think about it this way; that laundry thats been piling up is because we’ve been blessed with clothes (enough to make a big pile lol), those dishes I’ve been letting “soak” is because we’ve been blessed with food to put on those plates, all these toys is because yes I have been blessed with children to raise and everything else is because I have been blessed with a shelter to call my home. It all depends how you look at it, it needs to be done and whether you were hoping to have help, or upset the kids didn’t clean up the way you wanted it done or would rather just move and start fresh 🙂 you have been BLESSED with these messes. Happy Cleaning!




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