Bows, ribbon, and Christ


Tis’ the season…..bright lights everywhere, big window displays, even bigger toy inserts in the paper; between the TV, internet and billboards are children struggle to think about anything else other than what is going to be under the tree. And as a parent I wonder how much I have added to this, asking what she wanted, telling her to be good and Santa will bring her presents and while there is nothing wrong with this we also as parents have a responsibility to make sure our children understand the reason behind it, the true meaning of CHRISTmas!!!

My oldest is 5 and I am excited this year because she has really begun to understand that their are so many in need and while she may not understand why these things happen her heart still hurts for those in need. I am so happy that out church introduced us to this amazing book Call The Sparkle Box By: Jill Hardie (if you have not read this, you should 5 stars, very touching childrens book), this book makes it so easy to show children how our good deeds are really God’s work and that all we do we do for him! ~A Must Read~ So this year we are doing a few things to physically show our daughter things she can do for others and explaining that it is God who she is really doing them for and that ever her little hands and voice can do Gods work!

It got me to thinking I need to do a CHRISTmas list of things we can do with our children to show them Gods work, all ages and all budgets. You may already do some of these, and maybe you want to do one you hadn’t thought of but hope this helps!!

1. Soup kitchen~let your kid help fold napkins, pick up trash or if bigger let them serve the food, talk to the people around them.

2.Give gifts to those in need~we always choose a child near her age so she can pick out toys, and clothes she likes. This way she is really putting herself into it and she helps wrap them.

3.Visiting a nursing home~ many either don’t have any family or live far away and to just have someone say hi and talk to can make their holiday season!

4.Bake goods~ this was one of my favorites as a child, my mom would let us bake lots of cookies and we would take them to different places and when we were older we would get to choose where (call ahead for allergies, sugar free or if its allowed)My favorite memory was visiting the childrens floor!

5. Go caroling~ now this will not be on my to do list because my singing would do more harm but I love it when we get carolers, no matter how rough my day was it makes me smile, and we always have coco and offer to make a cup sometimes this causes a good conversation and other times we just thank them and let them know they are a blessing to us!

No matter what you do this holiday season, remember its not about the ribbon and bows under the tree or that your house is the most lit up (I love CHRISTmas lights) but that is about Jesus and all he has done for you!!! I pray for many blessing s this holiday season, safe travels, lots of loves and God’s mighty work for your family!




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