Thrifty Thursday ~ Bow Holder


Thrifty Thursday ~ Bow Holder

Now that I am a stay at home mom I am more into finding ways to save money and still enjoy nice things so I have decided that on Thursdays I am going to do a post to help others find their Thrifty self!! So today I am going to show you a cute (I think so) bow holder made out of stuff I had around the house (not a pintrest idea, all mine!! I am sure it is on there though lol)
Picture 1:
Supplies: Ribbon (any kind, I mixed up patterns and size), Old fram (any size or color, depends on how many bows you have), hot glue gun, and clothes pins
Picture 2:
You cut the ribbon to the length of your frame, I add a few centimeters on each side so that the hot glue had more to hold in place:)
Once cut you decide what order you want you ribbon to go, make sure for spacing you test out a few bows so its not too crowded. You then squeeze a strip of glue onto the frame then place the ribbon and press down (when all the ribbon was glued in place on both sides I added another strip of glue on top of the already glued ribbon for a good hold!
Picture 3:
Ready for the clothes pins, I choose to add ribbon to the tops of mine for cuteness, I just cut a small strip, hot glued it in place and trimmed what hung over the sides. Then I glued them to the bottom of my frame, These are great for headbands, or even necklaces your girls may have!
Picture 4:
TaDa….You are done and it is ready to hang!!!
Ours will be going in our girls bathroom once we have painted it, it is need of an update. But I am so excited to have everything in its place and not all over the house and their rooms, we are bow crazy!!!


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