My home is not “messy” it is “lived” in


{When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order} ~Luke 11:25

I want so bad for this to be my house, but honestly it is not. I do good to sweep every other day, and to mop…why try their are dirty feet running in and out. I have laundry that needs to be folded and dishes waiting to be put away. But more importantly and what needs my immediate attention is my baby girl who is looking to see if I am watching her roll over and her first attempts at crawling and my big 5 year old girl who wants me to be proud that she remembers her memory verse and a new number song from school. And because to be those needs are more important and most important to keep my home happy that’s where I focus. Now I don’t mean that my house is a complete mess and I ignore it all, just that if you came over with no notice there are clothes on my couch, dishes in my sink and crumbs on my floors but there are smiles on my kiddos faces!!

I always heard “your home speaks volumes about you” <—what does that even mean?? My house doesn’t talk, unless those voices I have been hearing are just in my head…hehe. Let me try to interpret what my home is “saying” about my family; the leaves in my yard say my husband works way to much, my front door says we haven’t touched up the paint since we bought the place (busy with work and kids). Now that you have opened the door my living room says a lot as you step over the toys “there are happy, playful kids here” “they are well dressed” That is a lot of clothes on that couch, my kitchen says “many yummy family meals cooked here” you hear that from my dirty sink and the stuff (not sure what) on my tile floor. My hallway is full of smiles, now those walls have a lot to say, thanks to the crayon marks and all the memories plastered on them in size 8×10 and 11×14. Our rooms well they say “this is where everything goes to get lost” but these comfy beds are home to many sweet dreams! Ok so my house talk a lot, but hey I don’t mind because I know it is full of smiles, laughs and love!!!

Now with all this said, I am not giving up on finding the perfect balance so I can become that homemaker who can chase the kids, do the dishes and be a pintrest, soccer mom just that I am still learning. This is new to me, I was a career minded women for 5 years and within a day; literally (worked 7am-330pm on a Friday had my daughter the next day) I became the stay at home mommy to my 5 year old and my newborn. Then within 2 months she started kindergarten and I took on watching 3 other kids to help financially. But everyday I find it all easier, I have a great routine with all the kids and I have slowly added in a few house things and surprisingly I don’t feel as if I may lose it. And the only reason I have made it to this point in one piece is because I trust in God and pray he gives me the strength and patience, and my amazing supportive husband that knows it is a new adventure and doesn’t mind coming home to a little clutter and he has faith in me that I can do this!!!

#homemaker #Godisgood #stayathomemom #newtothis #messyhouse #pintrestmom


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