Little Hands, Big hearts and Doing Gods Work


Make sure you don’t take things for granted and go slack working for the common good; share what you have with others. God takes particular pleasure in acts of worship-a different kind of “sacrifice”-that take place in kitchen and workplace and on the streets. Hebrews 13:16 MSG

Yesterday my husband and I had the pleasure of teaching our oldest a very valuable lesson…To Give To Others WITHOUT Getting Anything In Return. My husbands work went out to a place called “The Hope Center”, a place that serves 3 meals a day to others who would others wise go hungry, he work asked associates and managers to volunteer their time to serve the food and just be involved with the people who were there. We decided that we wanted to do it as a family and take it as a chance to really help our 5 year old understand the true meaning of Christmas and working for Christ!! On the way there we explained to her that she was going to see people who were very hungry and very happy that we are their to serve them food. She asked typical questions such as why are they hungry? Where are their mommies? Is God going to be there to see me? We answered her questions the best we could, trying to keep it real but understandable. Now on her last question, oh did we both smile to get that opportunity to explain it to her. We told her yes God will be there watching over everyone, and yes he will be very happy to see you doing such a nice thing for others, But this is not why we do it. I told her that the good things we do are for Jesus because her wants us to give to others in need just as he gave his life for us but we don’t do it for the glory of ourselves but for the glory of Jesus, so that they may see him through us. She smiled and just ok, lets help out these people.

When we arrived she ran and gave hugs to the familiar faces of my old co-workers and my husbands co-workers, she found the desert table and looked at me but I can proudly say that she told me “I know these aren’t for me but boy God is happy these people get cake!” We got in position; my husband in the kitchen serving the meal, Makayla, myself with our youngest (5 months) strapped on at the desert table and these sweet, thankful, shy, smiling people got in line ready to eat. My daughters eyes got wide and she got very close to my side, but by ten people past she was smiling and answering people back, even the baby gave out smiles and helped warm a few hearts! By the end of it she was running around, answering questions, singing Christmas songs and still smiling. On the way home she said “Daddy can we do that again, I feel so good that all those people ate and we were there?” My husband with a big smile and a tear in his eye (he’ll deny that) said “Yes baby girl, we will soon.”

Later that night as I went to check on my sleeping babies and pull their covers up I just smiled and thought God is good, I am blessed that I am able to serve others and I hope that I can always teach my girls through my actions to be giving daughters of Christ and not daughters that always expect something back or prayers to be answered immediately but that they understand that we work for the Lord and on his time.

Merry Christmas everyone…..What good deed have you done??


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