Easy Tex-Mex Chicken Chili


As I sit here finishing the last bowl of my yummy not everyday chili I am thinking “Why don’t I share this super easy, super yummy recipe!” Few ingredients, cooks all day in the crock-pot, and you know its good when your picky 5 year old ask for seconds!!!


  • 2 cans cream corn
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • 3 chicken breast
  • 1 can chili beans
  • seasonings: 1 package taco seasoning, garlic powder, salt, pepper (all to taste)
  • diced red/yellow/orange pepper
  • dice half a onion

How to prepare:

  1. add all ingredients to crock-pot
  2. high 2-4 hours (thawed chicken) low 6-8 hours (frozen chicken)
  3. WALK AWAY AND DO OTHER THINGS (like that pile of laundry or mound of dishes lol)
  4. We scoop it up in bowls sprinkle some cheese, dollop of sour cream and crush some tortilla chips 🙂

Like I said very quick, minimal dishes and an easy family favorite! You can double the recipe and freeze half for another meal!!

Let me know what you think, and please feel free to share!!



The real and real funny parts of being a mommy with a baby

  1. Learning that your relationship with your husband just CHANGED (up to you to make it a great change).
  2. That feeling of “Oh My I can’t believe I love her so much” and “Oh my I don’t love her enough..the book says…..”
  3. uh-oh was it heheheohhhh or just heheohh……when do I do the dog pant?!!?? {labor pains}
  4. Feeling like you just won first place because you burped the baby and it was a good burp that didn’t end in you being covered in spit up. Thank goodness for remembering the burp cloth.
  5. Its normal that I use my phone app to track baby’s poop and pee, and its a normal convo with my hubby
  6. “Honey did I feed on the left or right last, I forgot to move the bracelet?” Husband: “Just feel your boob then you’ll know!”
  7. Knowing that its OK when at 3am your crying because the baby won’t latch, the husband won’t wake and your wondering why you even started this adventure (it does get better and you learn to whack the husband better haha).
  8. Comparing pictures on your phone because you are convinced baby grew more hair.
  9. That indescribably feeling when baby gives you their first grin….and you know it is the gas .
  10. Knowing exactly what your 6 month 3 week 5 day 10 hour 29 minute old baby should be able to do (aren’t phone apps great).
  11. Worrying how you will ever keep this baby safe in a world you just realized is so unsafe.
  12. That moment when you really understand all your mother sacrificed for you.
  13. Feeling proud and a little sad while rubbing your hands over what once was smooth skin
  14. Changing a diaper one handed blind folded because yes you are that skilled!
  15. Learning to cook, do laundry, pay bills, and text all one handed while nursing your baby.
  16. The best way to get baby to sleep is…yep getting in the car at 3am and driving around the neighborhood
  17. Smiling so big as your finally see hubby (who is 10 minutes late) pulling in from a 10 hour day just to hand him the baby to get a shower!!! (well it has been like a week)
  18. That moment when you give up on carrying a purse around, the diaper bag is bigger anyway.
  19. Using your grandmas teething secret (whiskey) then freaking out thinking you just made an alcoholic
  20. And the best…..realizing after the past year that from the very beginning, through all the uncertainty that you really did have “mothers intuition” just like everyone said you would.

Proverbs Confident Women


Going along with my last post from Proverbs 31 I want to focus on verses 17-19, which describe a woman’s strength. God created us to be strong, capable, smart, providing women; and too often get so wrapped up in our relationships we lose ourselves. Proverbs 31:17 says “She girds herself with strength and makes her arms strong.”  (girds: means encircle a persons body or part of person like a belt or band) This to me says that no matter what job title I take whether it be stay at home mom or fortune 500 CEO I am to do so with the strength Christ has given me. I am not made to be weak or let my skills diminish. I am made to stay busy, work with my hands and do so with love and determination. It is my job to stay strong in all I do, it is my job to grow in my work to keep Christ apart of my daily routine.

Proverbs 31:18 says: “She senses that her gain is good. Her lamp does not go out at night.” God has given us the knowledge to know when we are doing his work, and when we let him lead us through ours paths he blesses us beyond belief. Our gain is no doubt his work, his gift to us for following his way. For me my gain is my home, husband and children he has given to me, everything about them is good and amazing and I have the knowledge to know they are not of my own work but from his hands. His blessings continue they do not disappear in the night, or even with a hard season of life. These gains may be harder to spot when we wrap ourselves up in everyday life, they may seem to have faded into the background because we are so worried about the right now, but if we are quite and listen to the Holy Spirit we will then be able to sense all he has done for us and then we are able to open our eyes and see our gain.

I pray that each of you never forget the strength that God has for you even when you think your light is out and all is lost, he is still there lighting the way and building you up.

Much grace and many Blessings!

Worthy, Noble, Good….what God wants women to be


So for the next week I have decided to dine into Proverbs 31 and really learn what God has always planned for me to be. How am to act, be seen by others, love, teach, the list really goes on. So each day this week we will dive into a section of verses and pull out some stuff as we dig further into his word.

I am started this year thanks to UVerse looking at scripture in different versions, finding the one that really puts it in a way for me to understand and when preparing for this weeks study I did the same and I loved how the title for this section (Proverbs 31) was written NASB used the word worthy woman, MSG:good wife, NIV: Noble character, all words that I would be more than glad to let describe me. So today we are going to look over Proverbs 31:10-12 using these three different versions.

All three versions explain how hard it is to find one of these wonderful, noble women……what…no I am right here and I have friends who are great and not hard to find. It goes on to describe their worth as above jewels, more than diamonds and rubies, ok now I don’t know if my husband would go that far to say about me but I think I am valuable. I do think that as women it is very important for us to learn our worth, this passage right here tells us that good intends for us to be very valuable. How do we come to this? I think we have to be raised to believe in our worth to many girls these day let everyday society cloud their judgment, they little belittling comments grasp at their hearts and then that give into temptations that should have never been their and when it is all said and done they see no worth they look at themselves as a cheap knock off instead of the valuable ruby they have always been deep inside. As a mother of two girls I know that daily my husband and I need to remind our daughters that they are worth everything, that God made them the way they are for a reason, to become something great. As a mother I need to set those examples, I need to love myself and understand my own worth. My husband needs to show through through our love that a real worthy woman is worth the wait, that she is all you need, that she is appreciated. How many of us today can say we think we are worth more than diamonds??? I surly don’t feel that way often but I do want my daughters to feel that way and if I had sons I would want my to find a girl who is good, worthy, and noble. So why is it that these women described in sc

Things you don’t think about when the word Mother comes up…


I have always wanted to be a mommy, when I was younger I would play mommy with my baby brother. I was so intense my own mom wasn’t as good at mothering my brother as I was, lol! I loved holding babies, feeding babies, playing with babies so naturally I knew I would have a baby and just love it all!!! Yep I hear your snickers…..I am smiling as I write this because motherhood is never like you think it should be, it is so much more.

Silly things I have learned

~how awesome I am at doing everything one handed ~I am a ninja like when I see that baby wobbling ~I know every creaky board in my house, its like gymnastics come bed time ~my “me time” is now my potty break, oh those glorious 15 minutes in the bathroom. My oldest knows you don’t disturb mommy while she is in there, no telling what really is going through her mind. ~I have learned how to hide and quietly unwrap candy bars, sometimes I just don’t want to share! ~I have given up on matching socks, no my laziness had become a trend ~they years fashion trends..idk..but mine our a lovely hue of spit up, a stinky burp cloth over the shoulder and an overly stuffed diaper bag

Things my marriage has learned:

~we are great spellers ~now that our oldest is getting too smart we can talk with our eyes ~the overworked tired mommy is always right, don’t question her ~whoever smelt it first has to change it <–this can be a fun game lol ~that drool, runny noses, no showers and leaky milk makers can be sexy ~best thing…that together we can do anything, just look at the beautiful face!

Serious things I have learned:

I can love someone so much, and not just one person but both my daughters and my husband. That my mother wasn’t joking when she said she would die for me, us mothers will do anything for our babies. I have learned to enjoy them when they are little, so may people say they grow to fast but you won’t realize until your first one has grown a lot. I am taking it slow with my second baby. Mommy instinct out weighs any doctor analysis sorry mommyPHD is God given not taught in a school. 

There are so many other things, but these are just a few of the funny and serious things that come with motherhood, it truly is a blessed journey one that God hand picks for you. He choose for you to be their mother, to raise them the best you can. He knows I will stumble, may even accidentally lead (or push) them down a wrong path, he has seen it but he also knows I can do it! And for that I am thankful.

DIY Chalkboard


ImageI turned an old picture frame into a cute chalkboard!!! And well I had to share because who doesn’t love a chalkboard, they are so useful whether you are going to use it for to do list, grocery list, school work. chores, bible verses, etc


old frame, box cutter, self-adhesive chalk board (I used Fancy~Fix, it comes with 5 pieces of calk), a piece of cardboard that will fit in your frame and be strong under the pressure of writing. 

1. Measure out your chalkboard and use box cutter or scissors to cut to correct size. **Tip let it over lap just a bit so it adheres to the back of the cardboard and when you place in frame it holds it down better.

2. Pull back a little bit of the paper and stick to cardboard, you are going to need to use something with a hard edge to help push the air bubbles out. As you can see I used the box it came in. This part can be a headache, the good thing I was able to lift the adhesive up even after I had pressed down to help fix it.

3. make sure all air bubbles are out, put a lot of pressure on the board to be sure you have a get stick and place in your frame.

4. Decorate and ENJOY!!!!

Super easy and super cute, hope you enjoyed if so please share. 


Marriage Takes Three


This year I have decided to focus on the word wife, to truly find out what God’s vision for a wife is. But in order for me to understand that, I first need to understand what marriage in his eyes is intended to look like. I kept having a verse pop up everywhere I looked and I kept saying “this doesn’t pertain” and well let just say God finally let me know that it did and I needed to focus on it for my daily journal. 

~Ecclesiastes 4:12 So I looked it up, and I didn’t really see it so I decided to look it up in different versions, to see how it translates and below are three that I picked.

And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him, and a threefold cord is not quickly broken. (KJV)

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands in not quickly broken. (NIV)

Ans if one can overpower him who is alone, tow can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart. (NASB)

Wow, right? Or are you like I was the first time I read it and a little confused? Lets see if I can help you out there. What I see jumping off my bible is this:

That as an individual we can survive but it is hard. In the real world it can be so lonely, and the temptations around ever corner can be overpowering. But when we marry and become two, we become stronger, untied and able to face most everyday problems. We are no longer lonely and searching for that something, that anything to fill an emptiness. But if we allow Christ into our marriage we then are strongest!! We can not be easily broken during hard times, we will not quickly fall during bad times, nor will we be torn apart so easily when temptation shows its ugly head, and it will.

Marriage was always meant to be a union of three, but so many of us often forget to let Christ be that third strand. We assume we have gotten this far on our own (fyi you haven’t) so we put God on the back burner, yes some of us may go to church as a family but is God really apart of our marriage. And not sometimes but ALL the time, do you pray together, study the word together, pray for each other??? 

For me personally, I have felt like I have a great marriage, I am married to an amazing, sweet, caring, generous man and for the most part I am pretty tolerable too. But I have kept feeling like our marriage was missing something, but what? We live comfortable, we have two beautiful girls (that brought us to Christ and really relying on prayer) we laugh together, we argue but make up so what could be missing. That’s when it hit me, we may go to church and even participate in the functions but that’s were it ended, we didn’t allow Christ into our marriage to be apart of our family even though everything we have, we’ve done, and we will do is at the mercy of his hands, his hard work. 

So we decided to change it, and even though we felt like we had a great marriage we decided we wanted the best marriage and we knew that meant more Christ lead and less us lead. And this may look different for your marriage but for us it meant, slowing down to enjoy everything he has given us, not only doing a devotional with our oldest daughter but one with each other, not only praying when we eat but praying with each other before bed, not only knowing we have been blessed but acknowledging it wasn’t done on our own, and realizing that our future is his will not our own. 2013 was an amazing year for us, but room for improvement, but I know now 2014 will be the best yet because we aren’t leading our year or making it happen we are letting Christ!Image