New Year ~ Plan “Closer to God”


So I was a little bummed yesterday that I wasn’t able to get everything done that I wanted to make an automatic better year. Overachiever? Yea I know….so NOT happening!!! But at the end of my day (which I did get a lot done) I realized that I needed to make a plan for the month of January to get everything done and create new habits to make 2014 my most accomplished year yet. 

So today’s post will focus on the first thing on my list ~Get closer to God~

There are so many things I want to do it is almost overwhelming, but I know I don’t want to burn myself out on it either and then start forgetting things and by the end of the year feel like it was too much work and didn’t enjoy it or really receive his grace from all my effort. So how do I completely dive in? Involve my entire family? Become better in prayer? Better at teaching Sunday school?

  • Start a family reading plan, this will be just my oldest daughter and I in the mornings at breakfast time. I got the Idea from Courtney at We are using The Family Reading Bible NIV, it has path ideas inside for younger and older children. We are simply going to start in the beginning and read a little each morning while she eats breakfast and like Courtney we are going to date where we end to just see how long it takes us. We may read a whole chapter or it may only be a few verses, I plan to let Makayla lead us through it, we will stop for her questions maybe even look things up so she understands it better.
  • Nightly devotion with my husband. I have been talking with him for the past 4/5 months about doing one together and he said whatever you want, and I am sure he only agreed so I would shut up..hehe. But I am hoping that he really gets more out of it, and our marriage gets even more!!! We were gifted a simply year long devotion book, filled with devotions from different pastors, Christians, doctors and we are just reading a page a night and praying together and I know God will work on us through this and in the end we will benefit from his grace.
  • Keep going to my women’s “bible study/book club” This group as been the biggest blessing to me, one I get adult time, two we grow closer to Christ with each other. This group lets us casually read through a christian book, have open discussion, pray together and feel like strong christian women.  
  • I also want to lead an online bible study through I have done about 3 studies with them through Facebook and I was able to become more accountable, more vocal about what I was reading and even added a little exercise. Now I feel called to return what my groups gave me and lead a new group. 
  • And last, I got this idea from I went out a bought a composition notebook and then though about a word I wanted to focus on for the year, and well I decided on two {mother/wife} I wrote them on the front on my notebook as well as the year. And for the next year I will find passages about being a mother and wife and write them out, I will look for sermons and qoutes and really just focus on what God wants me to be in these two categories. I also plan on using it as a mini journal just jotting whats on my mind as well as my prayer request. 

~There are so many resources out there to grow in Christ all you have to do is look and make it your own. I have been looking into stuff for about a month or so and have taken some amazing ideas and made them to work for my family and I. Are there going to be days where I am not able to get everything done, maybe skip the morning bible reading or the baby keep me up at night and miss my nightly devtion, forget to say my prayers….well YES it is bound to happen but by the end of 2014 I will be more focused, more accountable, closer to Christ, better at praying and the best ME!!! 

So what are you doing, what plans do you want to do with your family??? Let me know!!


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