Marriage Takes Three


This year I have decided to focus on the word wife, to truly find out what God’s vision for a wife is. But in order for me to understand that, I first need to understand what marriage in his eyes is intended to look like. I kept having a verse pop up everywhere I looked and I kept saying “this doesn’t pertain” and well let just say God finally let me know that it did and I needed to focus on it for my daily journal. 

~Ecclesiastes 4:12 So I looked it up, and I didn’t really see it so I decided to look it up in different versions, to see how it translates and below are three that I picked.

And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him, and a threefold cord is not quickly broken. (KJV)

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands in not quickly broken. (NIV)

Ans if one can overpower him who is alone, tow can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart. (NASB)

Wow, right? Or are you like I was the first time I read it and a little confused? Lets see if I can help you out there. What I see jumping off my bible is this:

That as an individual we can survive but it is hard. In the real world it can be so lonely, and the temptations around ever corner can be overpowering. But when we marry and become two, we become stronger, untied and able to face most everyday problems. We are no longer lonely and searching for that something, that anything to fill an emptiness. But if we allow Christ into our marriage we then are strongest!! We can not be easily broken during hard times, we will not quickly fall during bad times, nor will we be torn apart so easily when temptation shows its ugly head, and it will.

Marriage was always meant to be a union of three, but so many of us often forget to let Christ be that third strand. We assume we have gotten this far on our own (fyi you haven’t) so we put God on the back burner, yes some of us may go to church as a family but is God really apart of our marriage. And not sometimes but ALL the time, do you pray together, study the word together, pray for each other??? 

For me personally, I have felt like I have a great marriage, I am married to an amazing, sweet, caring, generous man and for the most part I am pretty tolerable too. But I have kept feeling like our marriage was missing something, but what? We live comfortable, we have two beautiful girls (that brought us to Christ and really relying on prayer) we laugh together, we argue but make up so what could be missing. That’s when it hit me, we may go to church and even participate in the functions but that’s were it ended, we didn’t allow Christ into our marriage to be apart of our family even though everything we have, we’ve done, and we will do is at the mercy of his hands, his hard work. 

So we decided to change it, and even though we felt like we had a great marriage we decided we wanted the best marriage and we knew that meant more Christ lead and less us lead. And this may look different for your marriage but for us it meant, slowing down to enjoy everything he has given us, not only doing a devotional with our oldest daughter but one with each other, not only praying when we eat but praying with each other before bed, not only knowing we have been blessed but acknowledging it wasn’t done on our own, and realizing that our future is his will not our own. 2013 was an amazing year for us, but room for improvement, but I know now 2014 will be the best yet because we aren’t leading our year or making it happen we are letting Christ!Image


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