DIY Chalkboard


ImageI turned an old picture frame into a cute chalkboard!!! And well I had to share because who doesn’t love a chalkboard, they are so useful whether you are going to use it for to do list, grocery list, school work. chores, bible verses, etc


old frame, box cutter, self-adhesive chalk board (I used Fancy~Fix, it comes with 5 pieces of calk), a piece of cardboard that will fit in your frame and be strong under the pressure of writing. 

1. Measure out your chalkboard and use box cutter or scissors to cut to correct size. **Tip let it over lap just a bit so it adheres to the back of the cardboard and when you place in frame it holds it down better.

2. Pull back a little bit of the paper and stick to cardboard, you are going to need to use something with a hard edge to help push the air bubbles out. As you can see I used the box it came in. This part can be a headache, the good thing I was able to lift the adhesive up even after I had pressed down to help fix it.

3. make sure all air bubbles are out, put a lot of pressure on the board to be sure you have a get stick and place in your frame.

4. Decorate and ENJOY!!!!

Super easy and super cute, hope you enjoyed if so please share. 



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