Things you don’t think about when the word Mother comes up…


I have always wanted to be a mommy, when I was younger I would play mommy with my baby brother. I was so intense my own mom wasn’t as good at mothering my brother as I was, lol! I loved holding babies, feeding babies, playing with babies so naturally I knew I would have a baby and just love it all!!! Yep I hear your snickers…..I am smiling as I write this because motherhood is never like you think it should be, it is so much more.

Silly things I have learned

~how awesome I am at doing everything one handed ~I am a ninja like when I see that baby wobbling ~I know every creaky board in my house, its like gymnastics come bed time ~my “me time” is now my potty break, oh those glorious 15 minutes in the bathroom. My oldest knows you don’t disturb mommy while she is in there, no telling what really is going through her mind. ~I have learned how to hide and quietly unwrap candy bars, sometimes I just don’t want to share! ~I have given up on matching socks, no my laziness had become a trend ~they years fashion trends..idk..but mine our a lovely hue of spit up, a stinky burp cloth over the shoulder and an overly stuffed diaper bag

Things my marriage has learned:

~we are great spellers ~now that our oldest is getting too smart we can talk with our eyes ~the overworked tired mommy is always right, don’t question her ~whoever smelt it first has to change it <–this can be a fun game lol ~that drool, runny noses, no showers and leaky milk makers can be sexy ~best thing…that together we can do anything, just look at the beautiful face!

Serious things I have learned:

I can love someone so much, and not just one person but both my daughters and my husband. That my mother wasn’t joking when she said she would die for me, us mothers will do anything for our babies. I have learned to enjoy them when they are little, so may people say they grow to fast but you won’t realize until your first one has grown a lot. I am taking it slow with my second baby. Mommy instinct out weighs any doctor analysis sorry mommyPHD is God given not taught in a school. 

There are so many other things, but these are just a few of the funny and serious things that come with motherhood, it truly is a blessed journey one that God hand picks for you. He choose for you to be their mother, to raise them the best you can. He knows I will stumble, may even accidentally lead (or push) them down a wrong path, he has seen it but he also knows I can do it! And for that I am thankful.


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