Worthy, Noble, Good….what God wants women to be


So for the next week I have decided to dine into Proverbs 31 and really learn what God has always planned for me to be. How am to act, be seen by others, love, teach, the list really goes on. So each day this week we will dive into a section of verses and pull out some stuff as we dig further into his word.

I am started this year thanks to UVerse looking at scripture in different versions, finding the one that really puts it in a way for me to understand and when preparing for this weeks study I did the same and I loved how the title for this section (Proverbs 31) was written NASB used the word worthy woman, MSG:good wife, NIV: Noble character, all words that I would be more than glad to let describe me. So today we are going to look over Proverbs 31:10-12 using these three different versions.

All three versions explain how hard it is to find one of these wonderful, noble women……what…no I am right here and I have friends who are great and not hard to find. It goes on to describe their worth as above jewels, more than diamonds and rubies, ok now I don’t know if my husband would go that far to say about me but I think I am valuable. I do think that as women it is very important for us to learn our worth, this passage right here tells us that good intends for us to be very valuable. How do we come to this? I think we have to be raised to believe in our worth to many girls these day let everyday society cloud their judgment, they little belittling comments grasp at their hearts and then that give into temptations that should have never been their and when it is all said and done they see no worth they look at themselves as a cheap knock off instead of the valuable ruby they have always been deep inside. As a mother of two girls I know that daily my husband and I need to remind our daughters that they are worth everything, that God made them the way they are for a reason, to become something great. As a mother I need to set those examples, I need to love myself and understand my own worth. My husband needs to show through through our love that a real worthy woman is worth the wait, that she is all you need, that she is appreciated. How many of us today can say we think we are worth more than diamonds??? I surly don’t feel that way often but I do want my daughters to feel that way and if I had sons I would want my to find a girl who is good, worthy, and noble. So why is it that these women described in sc


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