The real and real funny parts of being a mommy with a baby

  1. Learning that your relationship with your husband just CHANGED (up to you to make it a great change).
  2. That feeling of “Oh My I can’t believe I love her so much” and “Oh my I don’t love her enough..the book says…..”
  3. uh-oh was it heheheohhhh or just heheohh……when do I do the dog pant?!!?? {labor pains}
  4. Feeling like you just won first place because you burped the baby and it was a good burp that didn’t end in you being covered in spit up. Thank goodness for remembering the burp cloth.
  5. Its normal that I use my phone app to track baby’s poop and pee, and its a normal convo with my hubby
  6. “Honey did I feed on the left or right last, I forgot to move the bracelet?” Husband: “Just feel your boob then you’ll know!”
  7. Knowing that its OK when at 3am your crying because the baby won’t latch, the husband won’t wake and your wondering why you even started this adventure (it does get better and you learn to whack the husband better haha).
  8. Comparing pictures on your phone because you are convinced baby grew more hair.
  9. That indescribably feeling when baby gives you their first grin….and you know it is the gas .
  10. Knowing exactly what your 6 month 3 week 5 day 10 hour 29 minute old baby should be able to do (aren’t phone apps great).
  11. Worrying how you will ever keep this baby safe in a world you just realized is so unsafe.
  12. That moment when you really understand all your mother sacrificed for you.
  13. Feeling proud and a little sad while rubbing your hands over what once was smooth skin
  14. Changing a diaper one handed blind folded because yes you are that skilled!
  15. Learning to cook, do laundry, pay bills, and text all one handed while nursing your baby.
  16. The best way to get baby to sleep is…yep getting in the car at 3am and driving around the neighborhood
  17. Smiling so big as your finally see hubby (who is 10 minutes late) pulling in from a 10 hour day just to hand him the baby to get a shower!!! (well it has been like a week)
  18. That moment when you give up on carrying a purse around, the diaper bag is bigger anyway.
  19. Using your grandmas teething secret (whiskey) then freaking out thinking you just made an alcoholic
  20. And the best…..realizing after the past year that from the very beginning, through all the uncertainty that you really did have “mothers intuition” just like everyone said you would.

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