Yea I’m that blogger that fell of the face of the Earth….But I am back!


I promise I wasn’t on some sabbatical or hiatus, my computer crashed and I just kinda let life overwhelm me. I have felt ran down and like a dog chasing my tail for a year or so now; I think it just finally got me and now I am trying to refocus and start fresh.

So what’s new………

Let’s see, we are still living it up in Lexington…Go Big Blue! Hubby works like a mad man, but man I love that about him. Our oldest daughter M is full swing into dance practices as competition season is staring right as us. (I say this trembling, it’s our first year in competition.) We’ve had some struggles this year at school, but have been working hard with her teachers to push past them and help her succeed. Oh and she thinks she is 16 and the attitude!!! Man come on, all we can do is pray for ourselves and her, we’d hate to hurt her. (haha that’s a joke) Our youngest daughter E is 19 months old going on 6! She is in everything and I mean everything, no matter how tall or impossible we may think it is, its not for her!!! That child is going to cause me a heart attack!!!

I have worked really hard in this new year with all my focuses being around the word {Simple}, I want simplicity in all aspects of my life. After my struggle becoming a stay at home mom (that’s going to be another post) I just lost my grip and with that everything started spinning. So in December while I was reflecting on the past crazy year and the big failure of that years New Years resolutions, I knew I wanted a change, no I NEEDED a change. Not just for me, but for my family as well.

So what does that look like in the Paulin home???

  • first an foremost a refocus on Christ, being intentional with our girls, with our quite time, and in prayer. Not to mention be more focused on our roles in our church and provided for others in the best way we can. We signed up for a family class, that helps us realign our focus as a family to have all eyes on Christ and we are taking a marriage class because we both felt we needed to relearn how to put us first so we can then be better parents.
  • Finances, this is an area of struggle. When we went from two incomes to one without changing our habits, we found ourselves pinching everywhere and didn’t like it.
  • Health, I had let myself go and in that I started to let my family go. If I’m not taking good care of myself, there is no way I can take care of them! So I found my love of cooking again, and have been working hard on making it as healthy and tasty as I can. And the gym, I am addicted now, but at first not so much. I wake up at 5am just so I can go and be back before morning routine with the girls happen. I did say 5am…right?!?!
  • and lastly Organization, this is my biggest struggle I feel. I have found a daily cleaning routine I like and some days I actually complete it, but I am still trying to make it a habit. While working on reorganizing each room, closet and cabinet one at a time. My honest goal here is to just have a working routine down by the end of the year without skipping a beat.

Ok and the last update I have is…..were having a BABY!!!!

BUT you’ll have to what for all the details on that one in another blog coming soon! Now that you are yawning because I got winded and went on forever, here’s to a new year, a new you, a new me and growth of this blog to reach other God loving, busy mommies like me!


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