Baby Makes 5!!!!


So let’s start at the beginning……..

One week in back in September NOTHING fit!!!! Out of nowhere I no longer could squeeze into my jeans. I was telling my husband that I had to give in and wear a pair of maternity jeans, he jokingly says “maybe your pregnant!”, we both laugh at the sound of that.  But the rest of the week I kept thinking; maybe….what if…could I? Now understand that I have never been regular and I was nursing our 14 month old (which we had to use fertility treatments to conceive). So that next week I bought an early detection while we were out doing our grocery test, my husband rolled his eyes and I was convinced it’d be negative and I was just getting fat.

Well I couldn’t wait for the next morning, so while my hubby and kids were starting dinner I took one of the two test and waited….. I kept telling myself it wasn’t possible, it took a few years and assistance to conceive E, don’t get sad when its a big negative. I took a deep breath and walked to the sink to glance at the waiting test stick.

prego1 This is what I saw, I gasped and couldn’t form a thought for a few minutes. Next I took the test to my husband and the face was priceless, this blank-OMG, really?, Oh my what are we going to do face! prego2We told both our girls, M (our oldest) was jumping up and down, so excited. And E was confused at the thought of a baby in my tummy but loved everyone else’s excitement.

We found out at our appointment that I was 9/10 weeks along and the little peanut was a mover. This has stayed true the whole pregnancy, we always struggle to get good pictures because its like a jumping bean, and even in the beginning my OBGYN would go all over the place to get peanuts heartbeat. Maybe he will be calmer once he arrives??? haha yea that’s what the ultrasound tech said! We have two daughters so the sex of the baby was a big excitement for us. We want health first and foremost but we were pulling for team blue but we prepared ourselves if God gives us another girl. Everyone was guessing girl, and with all my 20 week bump pics side by side I looked the same. The tech asks us if were ready to know, with a deep breath that we held, we shook our heads yes.prego3We got our BOY!!!! We were overjoyed and still are. I find myself often looking at little boy clothes wondering how I am going to raise a little man. I have been a mom of girls for almost 7 years, I can do pink, have tea parties and enjoy ballet practice. Even my husband leads conversations about how different it will be, and I let him know its all him, he’s got that guy thing down…right?!?

Fast forward to today….we are almost 29 weeks along, only 79 days to go and excited to be starting our third trimester. We have his décor for his room picked, and some clothes, otherwise we are completely unprepared. :/ His room still has stuff that needs to be moved out from where we combined our girls into one room, paint colors are picked but not ready to go on the walls. I guess it’s this whole third child thing, I am crazy busy with my toddler and my oldest has dance and school so it just keeps getting put off. Right now we are covered with 13+” of snow, below 0 temperatures and now ice, you’d think Id have time to get a lot more done…WRONG, cabin fever has hit my kids and that exhaustion of the third trimester and being unable to get comfortable at night has hit me!! So this week I have taken it easy, since my oldest has been out of school all week and my driveway is impossible to get out of, but I have been making to do list! (my husbands favorite haha)  I have one taped to the fridge of our basic things to get done (nursery, bags packed, arrangements for our girls, etc)  then on his nursery door is everything that needs to be done to make it ready for him. I even have list of things I need to get or do, such as gifts for the girls, goodie bags for our nurses, big sister shirts with a little brother, etc.

So there you have it, you are caught up on all things baby! Hopefully soon I will be posting his nursery makeover!prego4


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