Lexington, KY

Bio: I am mother to two beautiful daughters, one just started school and the other joined our family in July after 2 very hard years of trying. I recently made the decision with my wonderful husband of 3 years to quit my career (after 5 long years) to stay home after the birth of our little. My path is bumpy and I get lost often but this blog is about my journey to becoming a better me for my kids, husband and most importantly for my father in Heaven! Mostly my plans for this blog is for my "wow" moments during all my seasons, mostly related to motherhood and being a wife, but also maybe some homemaking or tips. 🙂 10 FUN FACTS 1)By 2nd grade I had been to about 5 different schools 2)my daughter MaKayla got her name by combining 4 generations of womens names 3)I love to sing, but lucky you I won't (tone deaf) 4) I have had 5 knee surgeries ouch 5)I always knew I wanted children, I have always had a love for them 6)I am a people pleaser, I care so much about others

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