I love this website!!! So many good articles and advice for the family!


<a href=”Christian Resource for Family” title=”I love this website!!! So many good articles and advice for the family!”>I love this website!!! So many good articles and advice for the family!


My new delicious obsession..that is healthy


I have always struggled with my weight, and since having my second child its been even harder. I had a great friend keep telling me about these shakes that you simply replace a meal a day (or two) and add a little or a lot of fitness to your day depending on what your goals are and see where you are in 90 days. I was a little unsure until I say her transformation pictures after the birth of her first son and well after I stepped on a scale and saw where I was headed…I WAS SOLD!!! With in my 1st week I lost 5 lbs!!!! That’s with no exercise, I just added a shake (peanut butter/chocolate/ banana) and watching what I ate the rest of the day. I chose to drink my shake in the morning because my mornings are a little crazy; between getting my oldest ready for school, packing her lunch, doing my devotion and making her breakfast before the kids I watch show up or the baby wakes I would just skip breakfast, but I do have friends that drink theirs during lunch or after a workout because their building muscle, you make it work for you!!!


And who can say no thanks to a shake that can turn into any sweetness you want……I am SERIOUS!!!! You can make it taste like almost any candy bar you can imagine, or favorite desert, or if you prefer the fruity flavors they have recipes for that too!!! For me this is crucial because I have a HUGE sweet tooth and chocolate is my weakness!! They offer different shake packs for the different health and fitness needs and they even have add on options to really make it work for you!

They are GLUTEN FREE, safe to drink while PREGNANT or BREASTFEEDING, Heart Smart, kosher dairy, suitable for VEGETARIANS, and a good source of fiber…..all in one big black and silver bag!!!

Now all that you need to do is start making a shake a day to whatever craving your little taste buds are having, add a little fitness (for me 30 minutes a day of walking or a jog sometimes just some crunches and little weights), set a goal and start you 90 day challenge!!!

Want More Information visit my link http://www.ampauli.bodybyvi.com

My Challenge Info:

  • start weight 180
  • goal 30lbs
  • kit: Balance
  • So far…day 13 and 5lbs down!

Go ahead I know you want to….lets do this challenge together!!!!! http://ampauli.myvi.net/profile/index.html

Proverbs Confident Women


Going along with my last post from Proverbs 31 I want to focus on verses 17-19, which describe a woman’s strength. God created us to be strong, capable, smart, providing women; and too often get so wrapped up in our relationships we lose ourselves. Proverbs 31:17 says “She girds herself with strength and makes her arms strong.”  (girds: means encircle a persons body or part of person like a belt or band) This to me says that no matter what job title I take whether it be stay at home mom or fortune 500 CEO I am to do so with the strength Christ has given me. I am not made to be weak or let my skills diminish. I am made to stay busy, work with my hands and do so with love and determination. It is my job to stay strong in all I do, it is my job to grow in my work to keep Christ apart of my daily routine.

Proverbs 31:18 says: “She senses that her gain is good. Her lamp does not go out at night.” God has given us the knowledge to know when we are doing his work, and when we let him lead us through ours paths he blesses us beyond belief. Our gain is no doubt his work, his gift to us for following his way. For me my gain is my home, husband and children he has given to me, everything about them is good and amazing and I have the knowledge to know they are not of my own work but from his hands. His blessings continue they do not disappear in the night, or even with a hard season of life. These gains may be harder to spot when we wrap ourselves up in everyday life, they may seem to have faded into the background because we are so worried about the right now, but if we are quite and listen to the Holy Spirit we will then be able to sense all he has done for us and then we are able to open our eyes and see our gain.

I pray that each of you never forget the strength that God has for you even when you think your light is out and all is lost, he is still there lighting the way and building you up.

Much grace and many Blessings!

Thrifty Thursday ~ Bow Holder


Thrifty Thursday ~ Bow Holder

Now that I am a stay at home mom I am more into finding ways to save money and still enjoy nice things so I have decided that on Thursdays I am going to do a post to help others find their Thrifty self!! So today I am going to show you a cute (I think so) bow holder made out of stuff I had around the house (not a pintrest idea, all mine!! I am sure it is on there though lol)
Picture 1:
Supplies: Ribbon (any kind, I mixed up patterns and size), Old fram (any size or color, depends on how many bows you have), hot glue gun, and clothes pins
Picture 2:
You cut the ribbon to the length of your frame, I add a few centimeters on each side so that the hot glue had more to hold in place:)
Once cut you decide what order you want you ribbon to go, make sure for spacing you test out a few bows so its not too crowded. You then squeeze a strip of glue onto the frame then place the ribbon and press down (when all the ribbon was glued in place on both sides I added another strip of glue on top of the already glued ribbon for a good hold!
Picture 3:
Ready for the clothes pins, I choose to add ribbon to the tops of mine for cuteness, I just cut a small strip, hot glued it in place and trimmed what hung over the sides. Then I glued them to the bottom of my frame, These are great for headbands, or even necklaces your girls may have!
Picture 4:
TaDa….You are done and it is ready to hang!!!
Ours will be going in our girls bathroom once we have painted it, it is need of an update. But I am so excited to have everything in its place and not all over the house and their rooms, we are bow crazy!!!

Women Winning Wednesday ~ Gifts by amazing Women


Each one, as a good manager of God’s different gifts, must use for the good of others the special gift he has received from God.

1Peter 4:10 GNT 

It is Wednesday and boy do I have a treat for you, some of my favorite gift ideas this year and yes I know you are probably almost done and have missed the shipping window on a few of these places but they are year around great buys from some amazing women!!! 

Ok I have ordered from this girl several times, one she is super sweet, two her work is amazing. You can get anything from baby bibs, personalized shirts to cloth breast pads. Yes I am addicted to her shop!! 

My faves: Fabric covered earrings $5.25 <–you can wear with anything, super cute. Cloth Baby Bibs $7.25 <– cute fabric on the outside and a matching solid terry cloth on the other side, ummm WASHABLE moms!!!

The Deal: Free shipping on orders of $25 and more code: SHIPitFREE

I ordered a few of this talented ladies photography and I am in love! Her shop has everything from amazing photographs, painted canvass to cute trinkets! 

My faves: Mini Canvas (many designs) $7.50-10.00 <– there is one for everyone! 5×7 photographs she has a gorgeous picture of stain glass, Kentucky horseland and many others.

The Deal: mini canvass and 5×7 photographs are always buy 1 get $5 off second item code: BOGO5

This is a new fave as my newest addition always needs fashion head-ware and she even makes big kid hats!!! So now my girls can match. Her crochet skills are ridiculous and I am so glad that she is way more talented then I am. You must check out her Facebook page and that’s is just a glimpse of her talent! Her hat sizes range newborn-up and prices on fb are $12-30 

Burlap is in right now and this wonderful momma is making some beautiful burlap wreaths and she wants to make it as personalized for your family as she can. She takes custom orders, so please contact her through her Etsy shop and start designing yours!!

This find is a very recent one but I am loving this mother of 6..ready…6 BOYS!!!! But while she stays on her toes with her adorable crew, she writes an amazing blog and does so fascinating art work. In her shop you can find anything from gourges and printables to note cards and beyond. Please check out this hard working mommas gallery! 

My Fave: Teacup Note cards set of 8 $12 they are so sweet and delicate looking!! 

I hope you take the time out to look at some of these amazing ladies hard work, God truly has blessed them with talent.



Getting Here


He has saved us and called us to a holy life-not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time, 2 Timothy 1:9 NIV


For a long time I have felt like a lost person without purpose, not understanding why. I mean I believe in God and have accepted Christ in my life, I go to church, I try to make good decisions, I try to be nice to everyone I meet, so what would leave me empty? I am thankful for all God has blessed me with, my amazing husband; who came into my life when I felt very lost, my two beautiful daughters; five years old and four months old, we live comfortably we have food, water, clothes, shelter but why, why do I have this void? Well I fill is later maybe with a project from Pintrest or Facebook stalking, but it will have to wait I have laundry to do and these dishes won’t wash them self. PTA meeting Tuesday, Dance Saturday, gotta grocery shop, oh good its Sunday. I listen to the message, wow this is great, I feel like God is speaking to me…..Bert (my husband) needs his clothes ironed, I have to go to the store Makayla needs juices for her lunches….oh…what did he say….ummmm Amen? In a few moments my mind has been quiet enough for me to hear him leading me, it took forever for me to listen and get involved with the childrens ministry and boy that was a blessing and is every Sunday (wish I had listened sooner). That lead to me wanting to listen to his whispers even more, but I would pray to be lead but unable to hear, because I couldn’t let go of the hundreds of things going through my mind. Then God sent a close friend to help get me back on my path since I wasn’t listening. He lead her to open her home and heart to myself and a group of wonderful women, one which he lead to suggest a book that has already been LIFE changing and I am only on chapter 12!!! Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Myer Amazing and a must read if like me your mind is non-stop! So for the past few weeks, finally my mind has been at rest…yes rest, and guess what my house hasn’t went into mayhem, my girls are still going strong, my husbands shirts are ironed and I….I am rested, renewed, and excited!!! So I’ve been asking God “what do you want me to do, what tools have you blessed me with that I need to use and how” and for a week now I keep hearing use your experience, your love for people, your love to talk. Well…..then I was like “God are YOU SURE, you can’t be telling me that, I am misunderstanding”  

“Ask and it will be given to you;seek and you find;knock and the door will be opened to you. Mathew 7:7 NIV

But when You ask, you must believe and no doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. James 1:6 NIV 

So here I am, letting God lead me to do his work. I am opening myself up and allowing others to follow me as I learn how to follow him. I want to be the wife, mother, daughter and friend he intends for me to be, I want to be open so that maybe someone else my see that in our everyday crazy life we can make time to listen and make time to grow. I know there are going to be hard days, and days of doubt but with this blog I pray for accountability. So I pray you join me for this crazy ride, and together we grow closer to our father in Heaven.