I love this website!!! So many good articles and advice for the family!


<a href=”Christian Resource for Family” title=”I love this website!!! So many good articles and advice for the family!”>I love this website!!! So many good articles and advice for the family!


Interview With Wendy Blight, speaker from Proverbs 31 and author


ImageSo I am so excited to post my interview with Wendy Blight, you may know her from Proverbs 31 or one of her books she has written (read for more info on her NEWEST book) or even her blog http://wendyblight.com/ . Her bio goes something like this: “Wendy Blight is an author, speaker, Bible study teacher, curriculum writer, attorney, wife and mother. Sparked with the desire and giftedness to share God’s Word, she teaches women to stand on Scripture, understand what it really says, and apply It in their daily lives.” ß Taken from http://proverbs31.org/speakers/wendy-blight/

We were able to chat back and forth about her new book; Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life, as well as New Year’s resolutions, and more!

What is your life verse? That one verse that no matter the situation or season of life revives you, brings a smile to your heart, wipes away a tear and pushes you forward.

W: “My life verse is Psalm 40:1-3. Every verse reflects the journey of healing God took me through after I was attacked by an armed, masked man hiding in my apartment. God gave me this verse twenty years after my attack and at the beginning of His calling on my life to be a teacher. Each time I hear it or read it, it reminds me of God’s faithfulness and goodness.”

What is your favorite “studying” technique? Do you have a certain way you dive into the word, a certain time of the day, specific studies you like to follow? I have trained myself to get up in the morning with coffee of course.

W: “If I’m studying on my own, I enjoy starting in one book of the Bible and working through it with a journal by my side. But if I’m writing a Bible study, where I begin depends on what God has laid on my heart. Sometimes it’s a book of the Bible, sometimes it’s a character, sometimes it’s a theme, and with my new study coming out in March, it was two words. And once I decide on the study, I surround myself with Bibles, a Bible dictionary, a Greek-Hebrew Dictionary and commentaries. I LOVE the process of writing a study!! And I’m a morning girl, so I usually spend my mornings studying and writing after I send my son off to school.”

For myself, I am trying this new thing I saw on someone’s blog, where I pick a word in my case words (mom/wife) and you write in a composition note book daily, you write verses you find, maybe tid bits from sermons, or wonderful quotes. Mornings seem to be the quietest time I can find, before my girls wake up!!

Did you make a New Year resolution(s)? I made 3 big ones, focus on growing with Christ, particularly with prayer, find ways so pinch pennies, and find ways to get my family moving.

W: “I use to make New Year’s resolutions. But over the past several years, I have written New Year’s prayers instead. I much prefer these because they tend to be less structured, yet the changes God makes in me spill over into all areas of my life!”


What inspired you to want to serve in ministry and what do you like to focus most on? For me it’s a new calling and I am so unsure about 90% of the time where it is calling me, I just know I want to reach families, women specifically through my journey of finding my own way to Christ.

W: “I’m an attorney by training. If you had told me upon graduation from law school that I would have been in ministry, I would have erupted in laughter. Ministry was not on my radar screen at all. Law was my dream. I had a path I wanted to follow. But the practice of law was not what I thought it would be. And although I loved the study of law, I disliked the practice of law. So disappointing after investing so much time and money in my education. But the beautiful irony is that the study habits and writing skills I gained throughout law school and the practice of law benefit me immensely as a speaker, author and Bible teacher. As usual, God knew what He was doing! Within ministry, my heart is drawn toward writing and teaching Bible study. Besides my family, nothing brings me greater joy than to come alongside women and watch God’s Word come alive in their lives!”

Ok so I am going to wrap this up so we can get to sharing info on your new book….. You have to be quick….first 3 W words that pop in your head…..GO….

W: “Wisdom, Water, Wash (can you tell by the last two that I do lots of laundry!)”

So what can you tell me about your new book Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life?Image


 It will be released on March 4th as part of Thomas Nelson’s Inscribed Studies collection of books. It can be purchased from Proverbs 31. It’s also available on Amazon and at LifeWay. And if you order by March 14th from Proverbs, I will sign the book!

Here is a link to order Wendy’s new book:



Want to hear more from Wendy you can find her here:




My new delicious obsession..that is healthy


I have always struggled with my weight, and since having my second child its been even harder. I had a great friend keep telling me about these shakes that you simply replace a meal a day (or two) and add a little or a lot of fitness to your day depending on what your goals are and see where you are in 90 days. I was a little unsure until I say her transformation pictures after the birth of her first son and well after I stepped on a scale and saw where I was headed…I WAS SOLD!!! With in my 1st week I lost 5 lbs!!!! That’s with no exercise, I just added a shake (peanut butter/chocolate/ banana) and watching what I ate the rest of the day. I chose to drink my shake in the morning because my mornings are a little crazy; between getting my oldest ready for school, packing her lunch, doing my devotion and making her breakfast before the kids I watch show up or the baby wakes I would just skip breakfast, but I do have friends that drink theirs during lunch or after a workout because their building muscle, you make it work for you!!!


And who can say no thanks to a shake that can turn into any sweetness you want……I am SERIOUS!!!! You can make it taste like almost any candy bar you can imagine, or favorite desert, or if you prefer the fruity flavors they have recipes for that too!!! For me this is crucial because I have a HUGE sweet tooth and chocolate is my weakness!! They offer different shake packs for the different health and fitness needs and they even have add on options to really make it work for you!

They are GLUTEN FREE, safe to drink while PREGNANT or BREASTFEEDING, Heart Smart, kosher dairy, suitable for VEGETARIANS, and a good source of fiber…..all in one big black and silver bag!!!

Now all that you need to do is start making a shake a day to whatever craving your little taste buds are having, add a little fitness (for me 30 minutes a day of walking or a jog sometimes just some crunches and little weights), set a goal and start you 90 day challenge!!!

Want More Information visit my link http://www.ampauli.bodybyvi.com

My Challenge Info:

  • start weight 180
  • goal 30lbs
  • kit: Balance
  • So far…day 13 and 5lbs down!

Go ahead I know you want to….lets do this challenge together!!!!! http://ampauli.myvi.net/profile/index.html

Easy Tex-Mex Chicken Chili


As I sit here finishing the last bowl of my yummy not everyday chili I am thinking “Why don’t I share this super easy, super yummy recipe!” Few ingredients, cooks all day in the crock-pot, and you know its good when your picky 5 year old ask for seconds!!!


  • 2 cans cream corn
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • 3 chicken breast
  • 1 can chili beans
  • seasonings: 1 package taco seasoning, garlic powder, salt, pepper (all to taste)
  • diced red/yellow/orange pepper
  • dice half a onion

How to prepare:

  1. add all ingredients to crock-pot
  2. high 2-4 hours (thawed chicken) low 6-8 hours (frozen chicken)
  3. WALK AWAY AND DO OTHER THINGS (like that pile of laundry or mound of dishes lol)
  4. We scoop it up in bowls sprinkle some cheese, dollop of sour cream and crush some tortilla chips 🙂

Like I said very quick, minimal dishes and an easy family favorite! You can double the recipe and freeze half for another meal!!

Let me know what you think, and please feel free to share!!


The real and real funny parts of being a mommy with a baby

  1. Learning that your relationship with your husband just CHANGED (up to you to make it a great change).
  2. That feeling of “Oh My I can’t believe I love her so much” and “Oh my I don’t love her enough..the book says…..”
  3. uh-oh was it heheheohhhh or just heheohh……when do I do the dog pant?!!?? {labor pains}
  4. Feeling like you just won first place because you burped the baby and it was a good burp that didn’t end in you being covered in spit up. Thank goodness for remembering the burp cloth.
  5. Its normal that I use my phone app to track baby’s poop and pee, and its a normal convo with my hubby
  6. “Honey did I feed on the left or right last, I forgot to move the bracelet?” Husband: “Just feel your boob then you’ll know!”
  7. Knowing that its OK when at 3am your crying because the baby won’t latch, the husband won’t wake and your wondering why you even started this adventure (it does get better and you learn to whack the husband better haha).
  8. Comparing pictures on your phone because you are convinced baby grew more hair.
  9. That indescribably feeling when baby gives you their first grin….and you know it is the gas .
  10. Knowing exactly what your 6 month 3 week 5 day 10 hour 29 minute old baby should be able to do (aren’t phone apps great).
  11. Worrying how you will ever keep this baby safe in a world you just realized is so unsafe.
  12. That moment when you really understand all your mother sacrificed for you.
  13. Feeling proud and a little sad while rubbing your hands over what once was smooth skin
  14. Changing a diaper one handed blind folded because yes you are that skilled!
  15. Learning to cook, do laundry, pay bills, and text all one handed while nursing your baby.
  16. The best way to get baby to sleep is…yep getting in the car at 3am and driving around the neighborhood
  17. Smiling so big as your finally see hubby (who is 10 minutes late) pulling in from a 10 hour day just to hand him the baby to get a shower!!! (well it has been like a week)
  18. That moment when you give up on carrying a purse around, the diaper bag is bigger anyway.
  19. Using your grandmas teething secret (whiskey) then freaking out thinking you just made an alcoholic
  20. And the best…..realizing after the past year that from the very beginning, through all the uncertainty that you really did have “mothers intuition” just like everyone said you would.

Proverbs Confident Women


Going along with my last post from Proverbs 31 I want to focus on verses 17-19, which describe a woman’s strength. God created us to be strong, capable, smart, providing women; and too often get so wrapped up in our relationships we lose ourselves. Proverbs 31:17 says “She girds herself with strength and makes her arms strong.”  (girds: means encircle a persons body or part of person like a belt or band) This to me says that no matter what job title I take whether it be stay at home mom or fortune 500 CEO I am to do so with the strength Christ has given me. I am not made to be weak or let my skills diminish. I am made to stay busy, work with my hands and do so with love and determination. It is my job to stay strong in all I do, it is my job to grow in my work to keep Christ apart of my daily routine.

Proverbs 31:18 says: “She senses that her gain is good. Her lamp does not go out at night.” God has given us the knowledge to know when we are doing his work, and when we let him lead us through ours paths he blesses us beyond belief. Our gain is no doubt his work, his gift to us for following his way. For me my gain is my home, husband and children he has given to me, everything about them is good and amazing and I have the knowledge to know they are not of my own work but from his hands. His blessings continue they do not disappear in the night, or even with a hard season of life. These gains may be harder to spot when we wrap ourselves up in everyday life, they may seem to have faded into the background because we are so worried about the right now, but if we are quite and listen to the Holy Spirit we will then be able to sense all he has done for us and then we are able to open our eyes and see our gain.

I pray that each of you never forget the strength that God has for you even when you think your light is out and all is lost, he is still there lighting the way and building you up.

Much grace and many Blessings!