My new delicious obsession..that is healthy


I have always struggled with my weight, and since having my second child its been even harder. I had a great friend keep telling me about these shakes that you simply replace a meal a day (or two) and add a little or a lot of fitness to your day depending on what your goals are and see where you are in 90 days. I was a little unsure until I say her transformation pictures after the birth of her first son and well after I stepped on a scale and saw where I was headed…I WAS SOLD!!! With in my 1st week I lost 5 lbs!!!! That’s with no exercise, I just added a shake (peanut butter/chocolate/ banana) and watching what I ate the rest of the day. I chose to drink my shake in the morning because my mornings are a little crazy; between getting my oldest ready for school, packing her lunch, doing my devotion and making her breakfast before the kids I watch show up or the baby wakes I would just skip breakfast, but I do have friends that drink theirs during lunch or after a workout because their building muscle, you make it work for you!!!


And who can say no thanks to a shake that can turn into any sweetness you want……I am SERIOUS!!!! You can make it taste like almost any candy bar you can imagine, or favorite desert, or if you prefer the fruity flavors they have recipes for that too!!! For me this is crucial because I have a HUGE sweet tooth and chocolate is my weakness!! They offer different shake packs for the different health and fitness needs and they even have add on options to really make it work for you!

They are GLUTEN FREE, safe to drink while PREGNANT or BREASTFEEDING, Heart Smart, kosher dairy, suitable for VEGETARIANS, and a good source of fiber…..all in one big black and silver bag!!!

Now all that you need to do is start making a shake a day to whatever craving your little taste buds are having, add a little fitness (for me 30 minutes a day of walking or a jog sometimes just some crunches and little weights), set a goal and start you 90 day challenge!!!

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My Challenge Info:

  • start weight 180
  • goal 30lbs
  • kit: Balance
  • So far…day 13 and 5lbs down!

Go ahead I know you want to….lets do this challenge together!!!!!¬†